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Leasing and Management Team

Our Management Philosophy

Norcal brings a wealth of knowledge and experience in all areas of Real Estate from Development, Asset Management, Finance and Lease Negotiations to Client Service.

Norcal has a straight forward philosophy which centers around good tenant relations. Tenants after all, are your customers and it is important that we do everything we can within the balance of good economics to keep each tenant satisfied. Your bottom line can be significantly improved by retaining tenants rather than replacing them.

The major elements that go into tenant satisfaction are things over which we have control:

  • Our responsiveness to their needs;

  • Courteous staff;

  • A clean, well-maintained and efficiently-run property; and

  • Reasonable operating costs.

In support of our philosophy we screen all personnel to be assured they bring the required level of experience, enthusiasm and pride to whatever job they are required to do. After staff members are selected they are carefully supervised, directed and regularly reviewed to ensure the objectives of the client are being achieved. The net result of this is a more competitive project with satisfied tenants, resulting in a satisfied owner.

Hardy Nielsen

Founder and President of The Norcal Group

Hardy has extensive experience in development, sales, leasing, property and asset management.

Kevin Deeks

Managing Broker

Kevin is Managing Broker for Norcal Realty & Management Corp., which develops, owns and manages roughly 1 mil sq ft of industrial, commercial/retail and office properties in Calgary, Alberta.

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